What Our Patients Say.

Read some testimonials from some of the patients at Central Florida Neurosurgery Institute.

“Dr. V was great. I was having so much neck pain for over a year and was having trouble with pain in my arms and numbness. The doctor and his PA Jeff were caring and explained everything so well. I’ve now had surgery and I’m not having pain anymore. I would definitely recommend this doctor.”

Thankful Patient

Just recently had my second Cervical Spine surgery by Dr. Villalobos and if the result ends up as good as the first time,I will be very satisfied.Jeff was great and all the office personnel were extremely helpful.Dr. Villalobos explained the procedure and what to expect in the long run.”

Richard Mills

“I had small back surgery and Dr.Villalobos helped me with my pains, I recommend Dr, Villalobos highly.”

Jose G. Socas

Dr. Villalobos is kind, caring, and thorough.”

Jacqueline Aleman, Winter Park, FL

Dr. Villalobos is kind, caring, and thorough.”

Patrick Mathews, Mt. Dora, FL

“So far can’t complain. Took time to evaluate and explain all possible outcomes of future surgery.”

William F., Casselberry, FL

“I suffered a back injury in 1978 that ended a promising football career. It was stabilized but over the years became gradually worse until, at the age of 50 I could barely walk and I had ballooned up to nearly 280 lbs. I had the complete series of cortisone shots but to no avail. 3 orthopedic surgeons all agreed that the only solution was a spine fusion, which I desperately did not want to accept.   My fourth and final opinion came from Dr. Villalobos. He disagreed that fusion was the only solution and felt that a laminectomy was all that was needed. I had the surgery and to make a long story short….. I now weigh 215 lbs. and this year I ran my first marathon.

I thank God for Dr. Villalobos, for his wisdom, his expertise and the surgery which literally saved my life. “

Michael R., Orlando, FL